Up Your A$$et$, Inc.

We Will Truly Up Your A$$et$

Business and Individual Tax Return Help in Kailua, HI

In 1993, before owner Bob Frost started this tax services company, he attended a seminar which consisted of classes on various accounting related matters taught by respected and qualified instructors. Early in the day, he attended a seminar entitled, “Up Your Cash Flow.” Later that day, he attended a guerrilla marketing class where the instructor emphasized the importance of differentiating your product in the marketplace.


After two decades, the name always gets attention. Bob recalls one of our clients stating that when he referred us to one of his friends, the friend said the name didn’t sound like our team was serious and he would go elsewhere. Truth is, we’re not for everyone. Bob answers his own phone and prides himself on having the most modern software and hardware and requires a sense of humor. Unfortunately, our client’s friend didn’t get that. We want to help our clients increase their net worth or raise their assets. So that’s it, Up Your A$$et$ is dedicated to increasing your net worth, whether for small business tax resolutions or individual tax returns.
Up Your A$$ets is a virtual individual and small business tax company—say what? Here’s the problem: being very militant about fixed costs and yet being able to take on projects without hiring people. The solution is to align our company with other companies that have skills that complement, augment, and enhance what the client requires. Bob has associated his firm with skilled accountants specializing in bookkeeping. He’s a QuickBooks® advisor and so are our associates. 
Our firm also has partnered with certified public accountants who specialize in trust and estate work, foreign taxation, company valuation and who have the ability to clearly communicate and respond to meeting deadlines. Of course, taking care of individuals and the entities they own or are members of is what we do on a daily basis.

Over the years, we have been called upon to intervene with the taxing authorities, and Bob has demonstrated his ability to resolve issues to the satisfaction of our clients with his 30-plus years of experience in taxation. You can rely on Up Your A$$et$ for all of your individual and small business tax needs. 

Why Choose Us?

Small Business Tax Returns

Small Business Tax Returns

For a small business owner, tax returns can become incredibly complicated. We are experts on the proper forms and procedures you need to adhere to for a successful tax return season.
Tax Resolutions

Tax Resolution

If you have open debt with the IRS, we offer many solutions to minimize your debt. From installment agreements and audit representation to penalty abatements and liens, we will take care of you.
Individual Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Preparation

Our skills are here for every client, including those in need of individual preparation on their tax returns. Don’t be stuck on your own with questions and no answers; let us work for you.
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30-plus years of experience in taxation. You can rely on Up Your A$$et$ for all of your individual and small business tax needs. In Hawaii, we have a toast, “Okole maluna,” or bottoms up. Instead of the Hawaiian phrase, Bob has always said, “up your assets,” hence the name.
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