Why Up Your A$$et$, Inc.?
What’s in a name
In 1993, before I started this company, I attended a seminar which consisted of classes on various accounting related matters taught by respected and qualified instructors.  Early in the day I attended a seminar  entitled, “up your cash flow.”  Later that day I attended a guerrilla marketing class where the instructor emphasized the importance of differentiating your product in the market place.  
In Hawaii we have a toast, “okole maluna” or bottoms up.  Instead of the Hawaiian phrase, I always said, “up your assets”, hence the name.  
After a decade, the name always gets attention.   Now I recall one of my clients stating that when he referred me to one of his friends, the friend said the name didn’t sound like I was serious and he would go elsewhere.   Truth is, I’m not for everyone, I answer my own phone and have my Golden Retriever, Ardy, in my office. I also pride myself on having the most modern software and hardware and I require a sense of humor. Unfortunately my client’s friend didn’t get it, I want to help my clients increase their net worth or raise their assets.  
So that’s it, Up Your A$$et$, Inc., is dedicated to increasing our client’s net worth.
Bob and his lovely fiancee, Lynn Barefoot
Man’s best friend, Ardy, ever vigilant.